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Hydrangea 4-0-4

All Purpose 5-0-6

Hydrangea 4-0-4

Hydrangea fertilizer 4-0-4 kraft bag 2lb


Our base of dehydrated food waste with even more added nutrients and sulfur to 

lower the pH. 

Make your hydrangeas pop with color.

Our best seller. 

Tomato 5-0-6

All Purpose 5-0-6

Hydrangea 4-0-4

Tomato fertilizer 5-0-6 kraft bag 2lb


Our unique base plus additional nitrogen for healthy plants.

Grow those heirloom varieties and enjoy the harvest.

All Purpose 5-0-6

All Purpose 5-0-6

All Purpose 5-0-6

All purpose fertilizer 5-0-6 kraft bag  2 lb


Challenger base with additional nutrients.

A well rounded all purpose boost for the garden

Our Green Project is more than just fertilizer.

Solving the Food Waste Problem

Creating Job Skills

Creating Job Skills


 35 million tons of food waste gets thrown away into landfills every year. We work with one local High School    which was throwing away 125 lbs every school day. We collaborate with local special needs programs to collect food waste and process it using a special machine  to dehydrate it over a 10 hour cycle. 

The nutrient rich by-product is then sifted and ready for additional nutrients creating our unique fertilizers.  

Creating Job Skills

Creating Job Skills

Creating Job Skills


Statistics show 60% unemployment for individuals with disabilities. We have created job training opportunities recycling food waste, growing vegetables and packaging fertilizer year round for over a dozen people. We grow pea shoots inside even if it's snowing outside!


 Our goal is to create work and training opportunities for as many people as possible. 

Our Finished Products

Completing the Circle

Completing the Circle


We combine science and the resource of food waste with the efforts of individuals with special needs to create a powerful formula to grow gardens and communities into something beautiful. 

Three fertilizer products for your gardens needs:

 hydrangea, tomato, and all purpose.

Completing the Circle

Completing the Circle

Completing the Circle


We use the fertilizer we create to grow healthy vegetables for school lunch programs.

The more fertilizer we sell 

           =  the more jobs we create

                   = the more food waste we recycle 

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